LRP X22 Modified 7.5T 520008

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The LRP X22 Modified brushless motor series is a new force in high-end motor line. Developed for... mehr
Produktinformationen "LRP X22 Modified 7.5T 520008"

The LRP X22 Modified brushless motor series is a new force in high-end motor line. Developed for hardest competition in 1:10 scale applications, its technology remains unique and is backed with tremendous racing success around the World. Its predecessor Vector X20 does not need special introduction by winning three IFMAR World championship titles and multiple European Championship,  ETS and National titles - both in On-road and Off-road racing. When it comes to performance in terms of power, reliability and exceptional driving control, these motors are the best choice. With highest efficiency and maximum power in mind they are now furthermore improved and designed to stand out and meet every demanding expectations.

The new X22 ultra lightweight, precision machined 7075-T6 Aluminum housing has now maximized cut-outs with additional openings on the flat parts to increase cooling surface and improve airflow for lowest running temperatures also at maximum loads with increased consistency. Beautiful “dark shine black” highest quality anodizing with X22 engraving will make it a perfect match to the optics of any model chassis.

Also new is precisely adjusted and optimized timing range from 14.5° to 34.5° for most precise timing setting possible in modified racing resulting in improved drivability and setting options. 
Another novelty is the 2017 specification, dual-axis balanced sintered rotor new shaft with longer mounting surface. Internals have been updated for the best possible efficiency and vibration free operation. Combined with smaller dual precision 4x10x4 ABEC-5 bearings for precise running and longevity. Updated multi-layer PCB specification for even lower resistance. LRP’s unique waterproof PreciSensor™ system assures precise operation combined with any speed controller with additional advantage if paired with LRP speed controller line.

The X22 Motor Series is built to comply IFMAR, EFRA, ROAR, FEMCA, JMRCA, BRCA and DMC specification.

New Air Vent Design - Increased cooling surface and openings for maximum heat dissipation, air-flow and lightweight design New modified specific timing range - 14.5°-34.5° timing range for smoother power delivery Competition racing stack - Highest grade Typ: Brushless, sensored Voltage Input: 1S-2S LiPo Wicklung: Star (Multistrand Copper Winding) Motordurchmesser: 35.9mm Motorlänge: 50.8mm Gewicht: 159-164g Rotordurchmesser: 12.5mm
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